Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another day on the farm....

Today I went to the store, we found great bargains and stumbled on a strange discovery.  They had pasta sauce in the big can, not an item I normally buy as almost every brand out there has HFC as it second or third ingredient.  But when you look at the labels for Garlic and herb, they contain no HFC, so this women bought a case of 12 large cans of Garlic and herb Spaghetti sauce for .49 cents per can.  I also got 10 pounds of pasta for .49.  I bought corn beef for .99 cents a pound, four packs, don't like to buy store bought meat, but I can live with something that has been brined.  So it was a good trip.

The day continued, wet weather, and more wet weather...but the plants are doing great.  Green floods the land like a huge shaggy carpet.  Every thing looks great but with every joy there seems to be a sadness that follows us, looming over us. Today my husbands cat over almost 30 years has passed away. Baxter will be greatly missed.  It will be hard to not see her sunning her self in the window, or sleeping by the wood stove, she was as sweet as any cat could be....She will always have a place in our hearts.

So that was a brief over view of my day...


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