Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good evening from the mountain

Welcome our Irish guest, and to all our viewers from across the globe.  It is nice to know that you share the day with us.  This weekend is a holiday weekend in America, Memorial day week-end.  It is a time when people gather their families together and remember and honor the veterans.  For us it is a day to rest and stay out of town.  To many drunk

Our dog continues to do better since his bite, the plants continue to grow and we continue to work hard to make our little farm work.  Today we were gifted 50 pounds of seed potatoes to plant, I have no idea where to plant them, but have to figure it out ion the morning.

We did not get the rain that was called for and much needed, do watering the garden will happen at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  I lot a Italian squash plant, something ate it, uhgggg, thank goodness I have 10 more seedlings.  I will plant them somewhere else a little safer I guess.  I picked up some Green Zebra tomatoes as well to get into the ground, here we can plant till the end of June and still harvest before the first frost.  We are very lucky.  Tomorrow I hope to harvest more strawberries, some Chinese cabbage, some asparagus, spinach and some other greens, oh and peas...

We were blessed to have some very nice people come out to the farm today, they were charming and their girls we so cute and smart.  They took home some silky chickens and some mutt birds.  I wish them a happy start with their little farm.

Well the boss has some pumpkin pie baked and is serving it up, so I will leave you all and get some pie.

Be Blessed

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