Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome friends in China, more planting and snake bit dog, spent as a wheat crop

Good morning from the mountain, I just wanted to welcome our new viewers in China, and  good for you dumping windows 8, which again is a terrible, "software" (APP) program. I am very interested in the older agricultural practices of your people and your long time interest in Heirloom crops.

I still have a long way to go on planting, I plan to get as much done today as I can, the rest of the started tomatoes at the very least need to be in the ground and more garlic too.  I have The Italian gourd squash that I need to plant today too, tomorrow I have even more to do.  I will start more seeds as well.  I really need to have at least 25 pepper plants....Oh our peas plants are making peas, I am so happy to see the little white flowers, which means its time to plant the beans.  We are planting so many different types of beans, I can not wait till first harvest.

I am thinking about planting Spelt, if I still have enough time.  It has twice the protein of regular wheat and by far more healthy. I watched a great program on BYU , called "Fusion Grain Cooking", wow are these people on task with grain.  I learned so much.  I may not agree with their religious views but I can can agree that they are amazing cooks.  Just check out some of the recipes:

The dog is looking a little better since yesterday, I think we are going to give him a shot of penicillin.  He will not leave his bandage alone though, he managed to gt it off.  It would not be so bad, but much like his daddy before him, he is a bit wild.   He is frustrating.

Time to go to much to do...

Be Blessed

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