Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rainy and cold day on the mountain...

Good morning from the Mountain, it is so hard to believe that just yesterday it was 90 + degrees F here on the Mountain and today the high is 66, by tomorrow I will need to light a fire to keep us warm.

Our gardens are coming along well and we harvest strawberrys, spinach and other greens nearly everyday.  Everything is coming along nice and I pray the cold over the next few days does not kill the tomatoes.  We are still selling hatching eggs and plan to set up at a swap in Camp, Ark to try ans sell some of our over flow on the animals, mainly piglets and birds.  I need to make another a little more money then we are making right now, just to cover the basic bills.  I know it will be ok, I worry to much.

We have been blessed this week, the children have been on two play dates, one at a friends house an hour from here and one here on the farm. It is nice to see them playing with other children and making a mess everywhere.  Back to school for them today though, no slacking.  My oldest at home Elijah will start work on a free writers class with me this week, it should be fun to see his view of  "Athem."

I have tons to get done today, I must go to the feed store and the grocery store ( Hate to go!), as we are out of things that I do not have the time to make.  I must make soap soon...and I must buy rennet to make cheese as mine is too old now.  So cleaning the whole kitchen down is on the top of my list as well as putting some form of order to it all, I see clear plastic totes in our future.  I can not wait to get into the big kitchen and have places to store stuff, it is a real pain to have to try and stack and find new places to stick stuff and when it is stuff you use everyday, well it is nothing short of painful and it leaves me with deep feelings of  inadequacy.

Anyway have to get a move on, have shopping to get done and plants that need in the ground.

Be Blessed

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