Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good morning from the mountain

Good morning from the mountain, our snake bite dog is looking better, though I think the whole event has been a traumatic experience for him and us.  He was not really great about trusting us before, now, even more so.  He is up to date all on his shots now though, as we took full advantage of having him held.  Now if I could get a collar on him, some times I feel like we are his pets, as he only interacts with us when he deems it to be so.  I truly am grateful for our three dogs.  Even eagle our older dog ha been a great blessing in keeping the farm free of most vermin, and some times humans.  I can see why the link between dogs and man is so strong.

I am still using the children's computer and that is the reason the posts are slow in coming.  I have ordered a new laptop, which is costly, however I hope that it will be a great tool for the many projects we have underway.  It is an Alienware system and will be good for five years, or should I say it is insurable for five years.  It works out with insurance to $400.00 per year.  Watch as I fool myself into thinking that this is reasonable.  At $400.00 per year fully insurance against everything, including an elephant sitting on it, it being run over by a car, stuck by lightning, plugged in to North Arkansas Electric Cooperative's grid, Soda or other liquids spilled upon it, faulty boards, drives, etc...Do you know that $400. per year works out to just $33.33 per month, I mean come on, that is so reasonable.  It is just $1.11 per day, right around the cost of a cup of coffee with a senor discount.  Hey wait I don't get a senor discount, whew, that makes it cheaper then a cup of coffee.

Wow that sounds great, right...well not so much.  I have to endure such malevolent foolishness as I live in a country where is good is not good enough and every computer company is not satisfied until they have gotten you into the latest and greatest tech that you never needed.  I did not want an upgrade, did not really need one, just needed my computer repaired, but after a model has been on the market for five years, they will not help you and finding the parts become incredible hard.  On top of that, when you can find a reasonable priced system that what by remarkable chance the same if not a lower configuration than the last one you owned you can not a quire it.  Why you might ask, the forced market of windows 8, it is really all about the cloud and it's apps, less about you and me, unless you feel your privacy is important.  They want every one in two classes, and I did see this coming over 15 years ago.  Back then there was talk of two Internets, one for the poor and one for everyone else.  What I did not see coming was that it would be this open creation for spying on every moment of our lives.  Never would I have though that in the Republic of the United States of America would I be forced to step down and walk away from new tech, clinging to windows 7 with a powerful grip in hopes of maintaining at least some small amount of privacy.

Many years ago while working for home health, I cared for a women who  had not indoor toilets, and I found it a bit disturbing that in this day and age she still had an out house.  She did not maintain this style of life because she was poor, but because she felt an indoor bathroom did not allow for privacy.  She said, " there are just some things one should not be forced to share".  I agree, I do not want my unfinished books or cartoons, or anything to be-able to be accessed from the cloud by anyone else.  As to date there is no complete way to guard against such a thing and in Windows 8 most everything is cloud based and that is the reason so many systems are being built with only 4 gigibites of memory, which my ten year old laptop also featured.  So bad is the security of this cloud that yesterday I received notification from a site before it was announced by eBay that there pass words have been compromised, sounds like a Target problem.  Again people's data is stolen, but we are safe in the untested place that is the cloud.  I am not saying that I do not use the cloud, but I am careful where I do.  If my banks switches to the cloud I will drop them like a rock and go back to using money orders and straight Paypal.  I see no reason to put my self through further pain.  It is a scary world out there.

In more farm stuff we are scaling back on livestock a little more and have been working towards so new ways to feed us and them, so we will see how that goes.  I did view a wonderful program on Ethiopian black barley yesterday, wow that grain is so amazing and versatile.  I see using it more and growing it in the future.

They have aired it all over the news here in America, that there will be less food from California this year. They say less then half across the board and the bread baskets states also have been hit hard by weather, I am not sure I believe the number they have come up with, but I do get that we need to continue on our path of self sufficiency that we are working towards.  I can see see clearly that this winter we will eat well as we have planted many varieties of each plant in hopes of forgoing issues like mono-farms have.  If part of my crop fails, no biggie.  We will still eat and well.  I try to get every person to raise their own food to what ever degree they can as well as to hunt for wild food and game.  If we all did this, the world would be far healthy then it is today and so would we.

Weather for today and tomorrow, rainy....

Be Blessed

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