Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good rainy evening from the mountain

Good evening from the mountain and a special welcome to our viewers in Belgium.  We have had a nice day today with guests to the farm and the birth of new mini pigs.  You can not believe how cute and how little they these little pigs are.  You could darn near fit them in a coffee cup.  I am very happy they were all born healthy and vibrant.  There are six total, I do not know their sexes yet and I do not have photos.  My camera needs batteries and it is a far drive to get them.  I will get some soon.

Our first round of potatoes are about a week from harvest.  I will replant them right away.  I have lots to still get in the gardens, it is a never ending task of planting and replanting.  Something is always ready to come out. Right now I am still harvesting an old world wheat for the livestock, it is time consuming and hot work, so I do a little and rest.  I take a wheel-barrow full out each time, I think one more wheel-barrel from that one garden and it will be ready for replanting with tomatoes, peppers and lots of beans.  The cucumbers and zucchini are about ready to go in the ground as well.  On our eight ball zucchini we already have fruit and the first tomatoes already have fruit so things are coming along nicely I think.  I think I will cut back a few of the Chinese cabbage and make kim chi, honestly I am never with out things to do.

To those of you who have asked about Penguin duck dog, he is still with us, the snake wound is healing, his tongue is the loveliest shade of purple from this constant licking the blue coat( a medicine) off. He is for all reasons back to his old self.  Each night he patrols the farm, barks at everything and keeps us all safe.  I am sure the other dogs on the farm are as relieved as we are with his recovery.  He is getting goats milk with his food twice a day and I am sure it is helping him to recover.

Well time to get off of here and supper cooked...

Be Blessed

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