Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Snake bites-doing rounds with the chickens-religion and windows 8

A few days ago our dear penguin duck dog got bitten on his side by a snake.  At first it let a big bubble on his side.  As a couple of days passed it opened up into a sore, which we have been treating, but t looks terrible. I would welcome any help in treating this wound that anyone might offer.

I spent a good deal of time tending to the birds out side after Michael cleaned their pens.  I have trimmed their toe nails and vaselined their legs, and back into their clean pens.  The all look happy.  We had a bang up day selling eggs yesterday and now have boxes for the eggs, so there will be a lot of boxes going out in the mourning.  The muscovys surprised us to day by laying, every last one, got a bunch of eggs, and I followed up by listing them for sale on eBay. I hope to be able to cover the electric bill with the money we have taken in this month.  You will notice I did not use the word made, there is very little profit in what we do, we do it because it matters to us and we feel it is important  to help others to raise their own food.

Well goats are milked, might be getting another one that has mastities, I have a good success rate with making them well and it would break my heart if my friend took her to auction.  Please I would feel bad for the person that bought her.  I know sometimes it takes me a year to save up for a goat, even longer for a cow.  At that I place myself in the place of the person who might get her, how would I feel after working so hard to get a goat to give milk for my kids...hurts my heart just thinking about it.

People always ask my why I feel and act this way, in truth it has nothing to do with religion, it has more to do with knowing right and wrong, to live each day being as kind as one can.  I know sometimes I do not seem kind, but behind each thing I do is a carefully laid out thought; I am not jumping in blindly by force.  I do what I do out out of love, and compassion.  Simple doing what is right with out thought of punishment or reward, as the act of thinking and acting is it's own reward.  Perhaps my life would be easier if I give into to the impulse of keeping someone else money, tempting blood money given to quite a loud voice or even look the other way, however my soul does not allow these things, it just knows.

The good intentions of others to want to save me is in vain, as I know where my heart and soul need to be.  As of late I have found that I am unhappy with religion, much like my government, I love G-d and I love my country, but the in-between things trouble me greatly.  Being told by both that what they do is for the over all good.  How odd that is that they both want to force their negative nasty behavior on me.  I just want to live on my farm in peace, what they do is of little interest to me.  When I do ask either for an answer as to why they do this or that, I get the same level of silence.  I remember being told silence is a gift; I do not think so, I think they do not answer out of fear, out of looking foolish.

Where religion is concerned I ask why do you cut your hair, why do you not feed those that are hungry for works and food.  A hungry man can be a dangerous man, and it matters not what one they are hunger for.  The government on the other hand would like to feed everyone words, but then stave them and feed them things that look like food, slowly staving them and all with out a thought.

I just want to tell China that you made a wise choice in pulling windows 8 for your computers.  The number eight it's self is not a good number, but the program is crap, complete and total crap.  Windows Vista offered the best security of all Windows software, windows 7 has issues but is one thousand times better then windows 8 the App, the lie of happy all wrapped up in a nice box with shiny paper.

I get to go and work in the garden now, be blessed dear ones.


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