Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baby goose

Greetings from the Mountain, we have been blessed with a sweet little baby goose.  Geese are some of the strangest and fascinating of creatures.  We aloud a young goose to set an egg, mostly as she was far to protective to take it away and we thought its just one egg.  Anyway it hatched and the whole flock has spent its full and undivided time protecting it.  Overt the years we have hatched baby guess out and aloud the geese to foster them when they were a little larger.  This time they hatched it and it amazes me to see them all being parents to it.  It is truly a site to see thirty plus geese caring for one tiny goose.  When it walks around it has no less then four geese surrounding it, as if it were a president, squawking as they walk .  When the baby stops, they stop and each face a different direction.  They are great parents, I just wish they would go back to laying.

Anyway I thought I would share this with you, a little happy from such a hard year.  I think we should name the goose prosperity, as it is so protected.  Maybe it is a sign of better things to come, time will tell.

Be Blessed

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