Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Burpee's quality and service-or why I will never buy from them again!

I just got off the phone with Burpee's, I have been trying to place an order for two days, yesterday I finally go the order to go through and guess what it is still not sent, it will go out tomorrow maybe, first class mail.  I paid almost $5.00 shipping to ship two packs of seed and it takes them two days to do this as well.  The women was so rude I can hardly believe it, I asked to talk to customer support she said she was it.  The whole time she talked to me, she talked over the top of me, not caring about my concerns or anything thing, telling me if I did not like it I could just cancel the order.  What the heck, then she says basically she is doing me a favor and had they gone out the regular way they could take 2 weeks or better, nice discloser.  So when you pay for shipping and handling they get handled alright.  That is why I will no longer use them, as it is this was their last chance as many years ago I ordered live blue berry plants that arrived dead and then told me they were dormant, months latter when still nothing happened they said I killed them, and refused to replace them, I can not kill what was dead when I got it.

Just thought I would share with you how one of America's oldest seed company feels about it's customers, I hate to be a burden on them so after this I will never order again.

In the future we will be using this company to replace the seeds I would have bought from Burpee.

Now I need to get Direct TV on the phone and lower our package with them.

Be Blessed from the very busy Mountain...


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