Monday, April 14, 2014

Morning from the mountain....

A rather dreary day again and so cold to night, right now it is 46, doubt we will reach our high of 52 f.  Low tonight 30, brrrrrr.  So my day will be filled with cleaning, washing food eggs, delivering food eggs and such.  Still need to bring more stuff up to the flea market.  It will be a long day , plus pay the bills and get my school work done, then grade the kids work.

There will be no swimming for the boys today, far to cold, no point in worrying about planting more seeds today, just have to get every thing else done.

 I do have to get the lawyer on the phone and see about pushing suing the North Arkansas Electric Coop and their contractor.  I am not giving up and they will have to pay for the damage they have caused.  I also plan to get the ACLU involved since they claim they do not discriminate, yet they use business funds to pay for what amounts to a Christian picnic every year...feeding people only pork and playing only Christian music.  I have no desire to attend an event like that, even though in reality I am helping to pay for it.  They believe that they good old boy network will protect them.  I guess much like them commentating on my G-d we will see.

I will try and make cheese today, have to see how it goes.

The boys are learning about the universe in Science, Cosmos has been a big help with that, though not the quality of the original airing it is still a good show.  They are working on their writing and math, so there day will be full as well.  Art was canceled for today as it is too cold to make the stepping stones that we had planned on making.

Have to go now, I will try and check in latter...

Be Blessed

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