Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Morning from the Mountain- How is the new goat doing, how is the new feed -is winter over-inflation

Good morning from the mountain, I am sorry about not posting yesterday, it was just a long day.  I did the school think and passed the math test I needed to get done, just a few more weeks to ago for this semester.  I am having issues getting next semester set up, as the bridge that would shorten the journey by some 20 miles is still out.  It is the same bridge we fish from, so it is bad for so many reasons.  Plus we are still trying to figure out if I have to take the computer class or not.  My teacher is worried about me taking the Physical Science class and the higher end math at the same time, so am I.  So I guess if I have to take the computer class I will live with it. That means another round of let's play tag with the Trio people.  For those of you who do not know what Trio is, it is a government sponsored guidance counselor who helps student who are going on the 4 year college or greater.  The college I attend also has a program called Career Pathways which loans books out to students, I think it is the more valuable of the two, aside from the fact Trio offers a really good transfer scholarship which I will get to help pay for the ongoing cost of college.  So on to the farm stuff.

I met a very nice lady at the grocery store yesterday, we were both looking at plants, she asked me about a kohlrabi plant that was extremely over priced, a buck for one plant...No..... She also told me about her long running fight with the federal government telling her how to run her farm.  The are so hot and heavy about having people register everything they have, including cows.  The USDA say that if you have four cows and plan to sell cows or bulls from them, they must be registered. It is very strange how they feel they must know where ever food animal is, but people rarely talk about it.  I just read yesterday that the Ukrainian are forcing Jews to register, I am sure there is nothing sinister about either event.  What an interesting world we live in.

On to the goats, our long term milk goat, Ice Cube put a new hole in her leg jumping the fence.  She literally went to greener pastures as we let food grow for them in one paddock and then more them once they eat it down.  Normally we move them, but she made a choice with out us.  So I washed the wound out with peroxide and coated it with blue coat.  I got tetanus to give her a shot yesterday, so I will do that today. The new goat is starting to do a bit better and I think she is getting along with Ice Cube and the Jacob Sheep very well, they are all moved to the first Paddock where there is lots to eat.

Yesterday we stating doing the rounds of shots, the dogs get a seven in one, tetanus for everyone.  I still need to go to town and get rabbies shots for the dogs.  The fun never ends when you are a farmer.

Our feeding milio and wheat to the chickens seems to be going well, they are happy healthy and laying eggs.  I think we made the right choice for us.  The people at the feed store are using what we learn to help others who are fighting the GMO feeds.  However that said their other branch is giving away free corn seeds and soybeans to plant in "Deer Plots", so now they are poising the deer.  I really feel the whole GMO thing has gotten out of hand and this proves intent to further contaminant Nature it's self.

Is winter over will I be able to finish planting all this corn, and other tomatoes, peppers etc.  Oh gosh I hope so.  This past week as reeked havoc on the farm and I just need to get it all done.  The grocery store has raised its prices again on fresh food, Artichokes were $4.00 each, apples were $1.29 per pound on sale, plums $4.00 per pound as well as grapes.  A small handful of tangerines were almost $7.00.  The world is changing and so our we.  I am glad that I planted artichokes,the best part is they come back year after year.  I am planting a a lot plants this year that do not need replanted every year, it will cut down on work and add to our food stores.

So back to the chores I go...

Be Blessed

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