Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good night from the mountain...

Good evening from the mountain, it has been a long day, started out by going out into the fringed cold to milk the goats.  Both gave good amounts of milk and the new goat who still has no real name has started to tame down a bit.  After that I drove down to the trading post to drop off the food egg orders and went to school.  I went to a two hour lecture that was said to help with finding a job, it dealt with how to fill out a proper resume and such.  Then I went on to take a mathematics test. After that I did the shopping, got petrol fro the van and went home.

I was followed home by a dear friend who is helping Michael to clean our barn out, thank goodness they are getting to it, the barn is a mess.  Our friend gets the manure, we get some much needed help, it is good for every one.  My friend and his wife are amazing people who plant a huge garden every year and his wife cans everything.  I so look up to her and her thrifty ways.

Latter I worked some in the garden with the boys, and found out a wild animal is digging up and eating my potatoes.  I am so not happy with this and plan to trap the creature as soon as I can.  I was out there looking to see if we had any damage from the extreme cold that we had last night, when I discovered the potatoes, I thank G-d that we lost no other plants.  I did see some damage to the leaves of the Chinese cabbage, something is eating holes in the leaves, so tomorrow I will take egg shells out and put them under the plants and wait a day to see what happens if I still have problems I will take the de  earth out there and as a last resort I will make bug repellent.  It is simple onions, Garlic and hot peppers with a little dish soap added, and then sprayed on plants.  Bugs hate it.

Everything else seems ok, we did have to move the cows further away from the donkey to prevent a fight, but if that is the worse we have to deal with, it is a good day.

Lots to talk about tomorrow, but tonight I need to go and get some rest, stayed up to late watching the moon go red...

Be blessed

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