Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunny good morning from the Mountain...

Sunny good morning from the Mountain, I am busy working hard to get the egg orders out, already milked the goat, did the breakfast thing.  It is going to be a warm day here today, with tons of work needing done...a lot of work got done with out me yesterday while I was at school.  Our friend Eddy stopped by and helped Michael to start on cleaning the barn, they could a good section of it done and Eddy got some more fertilizer for his crops.  We invite other farms to come and remover manure if they need it, not every farm has livestock.  It helps us all.

Tomorrow we will set up at a local business to promote the farm, I hate working on Saturday, but sometimes you do what you must, I know that G-d understands.  We will give away seeds tomorrow to anyone willing to plant them, sell some baby chicks, and some other animals...I hope it will be a good day, as our electric bill is over due and must be paid.  It is always something and I so look forward to going off grid.  Our first solar panels should be here anytime.

Shipping to the farm is so slow, I have been waiting on a two shipping for a week...ugh!  I hope the sneakers at least get here before

On to stranger news, I was listing to NPR(National Public Broadcast Radio) yesterday and I heard that America and the UN plan to send troops to the Ukraine.  To all of our readers from the Ukraine I want to apologize for my country butting it's way into your affairs.  It is not the people of America doing this, it is our leaders who do not listen to us.  The only reason both America and Russia as doing this is for your farms, your grain to be exact.  I hear that you are the grain belt of the region, and that your land is still clean , unlike most land here int he states which has had decades of poison dumped on them.  I pray for you all each day and hope that your battle ends with out damage to your fields.  The last time America butted into affairs like this was when it went to a "limited war", with Korea. Russia according to our history books was held jointly by America and Russia at the time.  It was a long dawn out mess. The called it the Korean war, but when I was a child, they called it a "peace keeping action", things always change with time.  Again I pray that you and your fields and families are safe from harm.

Time for me to go work the fields, love to you all from the mountain...

Be Blessed

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