Tuesday, April 1, 2014

News from the Doghouse

News From The Doghouse and I quit trying to hitchhike a ride off the planet with the million candle watt power spotlight, as it was bringing in more black helicopters than anything else....seemed to increase when I was using Sumerian and Akkadian texts....hmmmm...oh well.

Been awhile since I typed, been very busy. Pulled ticks off me already this season...had Elijah help me unload patio doors for the new kitchen remodel, made him feel like a real big boy, and helped me from squishing my fingers, which happened and I went and got him for help.....the roughest part in the last few weeks was skinning the pet goat, Pudgy, then our beloved little heifer future milk cow, Ruth....have been working at cleaning a pen that had goats and shoveling  that to a wheelbarrow and moving that to a garden, that the boys will be planting in....they have some volunteer sunflowers already, I think.....went to the wild west town southeast of us - Hardy - to a gun and knife show, also donated to the preservation society at the gym there and met cast members from "The Clash Of The Ozarks"...interesting to say the least.....here at the farm, still doing all sorts of things, milking a goat mainly, then doing the feeding chores, collecting eggs,chopping wood for the wood burner and keeping us warm, and on and on with many other things constantly....today it was like 43F wearing a jacket and this afternoon was like 90F on the west porch thermometer and I hung up some steel traps, mostly to get out of the way and getting ready to work on the 1973 Jeep to move and maybe expand the garden area once again on the SW side of the house....until the next time, hopefully sooner than later, have good times.

Don't miss "Clash of the Ozarks", tonight 9 pm central watch it because I said so...

Be blessed

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