Saturday, April 12, 2014

Good morning from the mountain...

Good morning from the mountain, yesterday afternoon it was nice and warm, well into 90 degrees f.  The boys swam in our pool for the first time this year. they seemed to have had a very nice time.  Our pool is not fancy, just a Walmart special above ground pool, but it makes them very happy so that is all that really matters.

 I did manage to get a few more plants in the garden, though I have bunches more to go.  But they will wait till Sunday, today is the day we go to the Trading post down the road and try to part with some of the smaller animals.  We hope to sell chickens and a few potbelly pigs, baby chicks, who knows what else...

We plan to be there for a few hours, but can not leave till our house sitters get here.  Yup things are bad in the world when you can not leave your house with out some one to watch it...but that is where we are at, so we must live with it.

Anyway new goat will be here today I need to get ready for the day ahead.

Be Blessed

Congratulations to Liz Koch the winner of a female breeding age potbelly pig!

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