Friday, April 4, 2014

Evening news from the mountain...

The leeks and kohlrabi have spouted, i am so happy, still no growth on the artichokes or the cotton, might still be too cold. I have lots of greens popping up their little heads.

In surprising news we have duck eggs, yes folks the Muscovy are laying and so are the Cayugas.  so now everyone is laying but the Guineas are laying.  Michael finished the new run for the Muscovys, some are more domestic then others and I am sure he felt some were possessed.  Muscovys can be little terrors with their very sharp claws, but for the most part them are normally tame.  They just did not want to move and they sure let him know.  These new ones are really tough..I hope they are equally as yummy.  We hated to pen them, but do the wolfs liking the taste of them it is best.

My green corn came today, so as soon as the beans get here we can get them all in the ground. Got the pumpkin seeds already...I will try and get a photo of the corn seed, it is so pretty.

I can't wait...

Be blessed


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