Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I wrote a life letter to Direct TV

DIRECTV really why you got to be like this, man I thought we were close. Now you don't even what to talk, remember all those special times we'v had together, waiting till 2 am to get the service installed. The times I called like everyday for weeks, I hate to say good bye, but are you really worth my time? All you do is give me excuses anytime I want to watch a show with you, I asked to to record my shows and for a while we were tight, I could really feel the love, but as of late you just tell me it's not your problem. I told you in the begin the money was not a gift you had to earn it. Now you have changed and not in a good way, you stopped providing me safe and good weather, and started seeing other people. I know new people are exciting, but we have been together for a long time, it would be a shame to let it end this way....what do you you want to work it out...?

The made up, but we are now just friends...

Only I could have such an interesting life...

Be Blessed

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