Monday, April 14, 2014

Ebay shipping issues...

Farming is a pain when you can not get the Ebay window to let you print shipping for a customer.  Ebay is a real pain with many things , but this is the first time I have had issues with it not wanting to let me ship to a client.  It does not like the address as it includes a gate code.  The person has a gate Ebay, get over your self, if I could afford one I would.

Anyway so they have me deleting this and that and the guys say, "delete that little think after the word gate".
That is an exclamation mark, I say.

He says , "yeah that thing"....

I say, "well with out that how will they know where the sentence ends?"

He says, "that is the only way we can do it."  "We are limited to 40 characters."

I ask to be transferred to your supervisor, the man smarts off and says, "they are only going to tell you the same thing I say to you."  Nice smart off to the client a fine tone to set.

Ebay go home your drunk and you do not give two cents what the sellers think or you would fix these problems and get some American or even the Queens English speakers in there.  Does it really say you money when we have to stay on the phone for over a hour?

Every time I have to stop doing other farm stuff to do stupid things like this I become angry. In the end the women told me to go to the post office site, I said, it will cost me over $3.00 more to ship, which would come out of my pocket.  She told me it was not her problem, to which I replied that if I told her that she would be working a full hour and get only half as much pay , how would she feel, she said she would be angry....really, rolling my eyes.  This is what is wrong with big business. You can not just make money , but you must consider how you are acquiring that money.

 I have not even finished my first cup of coffee and I have to battle Ebay.  I swear here before all of you as soon as Facebook has it's online money system in America, I am going to it and dumping Pay Pay, as soon as they offer auction platforms, I am leaving Ebay.  I am sick over junk like this, almost twice a week I have to call either Ebay or Pay Pal who are by the way owned by the same people.  How can a company do business like this and make money, well they can't just look at the earnings or lake there off.  He is a link to a site called the Motley Fool, they are pretty up to the moment on this stuff.

I think Ebay should rethink what it is doing and if Pay Pal gets the chance to jump ship it should.  No reason they should go down with the ship.  Now there is no question in my mind that what Ebay has done building it's auction site could be thought of as amazing, but building something and maintaining it are far different things and I think the Ebay goose may never lay the golden egg that everyone believed would happen.  With their lake of good customer service it is assured to fail!

Well back to work for me, no bees no honey, no work no money!
Be Blessed

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