Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good sleepy morning from the mountain...

Sorry I did not post yesterday, I had a very long day, which resulted in me not only not getting up on time this morning, but forgetting to put up supper last night.  I hate wasting food and it was good food too, I am such the animals will like it.

It breaks my heart to waste fish.  It is so hard to find fish that is not contaminated, I feel like when I go shopping or fishing I should have a mini lab with me and a Geiger counter.  I only eat fish that in the bible it says are safe to eat, they must have scales and there is some other requirement, which I do not remember off the top of my head.  any it amounts to a very small collection of fish that we eat.  I love salmon, but now my Salmon must come from Russia where it is still relatively safe to eat in small amounts.  The salmon coming from America is in many cases tainted with either chemicals and in some cases spikes the Geiger counter, it is all very sad.

I have hopes this year of harvesting trout to smoke and put up for the winter, it is great on the grill too, but it requires time to fish.  Just will have to see what we can do.  Mushroom hunting time is upon us as well.

Today will be another busy day here as I have a pile of school work to do and the children's school work to go over, so planting will be paused today for me.  I can tall you the baby goose is doing well and the three sisters have poked there happy heads above the ground to see the sun, they look great.  Today our weather will be in the 70's (f) it would have been a great day to plant and do stuff.

I love you all but must get to work...

Be Blessed

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