Sunday, April 20, 2014

Life on the mountain after dark....

So I am sitting here, windows open catching up on some school work , when we here the dogs barking, and because we her two of the dogs, no big deal.  then we hear the third, there are people in a Chevy style truck with a flat bed trailer stuck on my road and you may be thinking to your self, well they are out on a country road.  Yes that is true, it is 10:30 at night and they are out on a country road that goes one way in the middle of no where and are stone ass drunk to boot.  They got stuck as there is no where to turn around, I sent Michael down to great them and when I called for him and they heard my voice they freaked, I wonder if they heard the gun, my gun is legal registered  and the whole yards and I am a crack shot.

I am not going to allow people to rob us, thank G-d the gate was closed and locked or they would have most likely been up here at the main house. I did call our sheriff's office and said what I saw and that they could catch them if they hurried, maybe at ridge or the main road.

 I am sure to get a lecture from the Sheriff about the fact they could have been lost...rolling my eyes, if you are lost on a one way road, in the middle of no where on top of the mountain after 10 pm and drunk I feel no grief over you.

I am sick over it all and wish I could mover further away from people.

Be Blessed

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