Monday, April 7, 2014

Rainy morning from the mountain

Good morning from the mountain, we are in rainy season, some places in the world call it monsoon season.  We will have almost three straight days of rain, followed by a day of not rain, followed by more rain.  Don't get me wrong I prefer rain to drought, just need a few more days to give some seeds a change to sprout.

We have set up a booth at the local indoor flea market, which is great as it gives us more exposure and hopeful a little more income.  The location is Camp Trading Post in Camp, Ar.  The Trading post is open Mon-Sat and also severs some food and also had cold drinks.  You will know it is our booth, just look for the sunflowers and the green dove tags.  I think we will do well there and encourage everyone to go and shop there.  As soon as I have the ok, we will have farm fresh chicken and duck eggs for sale up there as well as fresh baked bread and other farm goods, such as honey and jam.

Had a lovely day yesterday, went to work with Michael, he trimmed two donkey and one very tiny, very special horse.  When we did our first stop I got to spend some time with a dear friend and while Michael worked we talked about life, grinding grain, the proper use of a grinding stone, wild food, corn and gardening.  It was nice to share with some one with common interests and health concerns.

She is planting her garden in tubs this year, to make it easier to tend and she is well on her way to food security.  One of the things she is doing with her tubs was amazing, she plans to use plastic pop bottles to fill most of the containers and then put her soil in.  She said this will make them light and easier to use as well as conserve soil.  Most people do not know that plants only use the first six inches of soil to grown in.  Plants like lettuce even less.  I like to re-use plastic containers that cakes came into to grow bug free lettuce.  You was h the container, than you take the clear half, put in half an inch of organic soil, sprinkle on the seeds, water it, put the black bottom on as the top and wait a full week, you should have salad sprouts, now take off the lid and harvest when they are the right size for you.  If you take only the larger leaves you will get about three months of use out of one batch.

I love container gardening, it gives you a freedom you could have not other way and opens up every where as a potential garden.

I have some great news about some of our seeds, the artichokes have sprouted, it took forever and I was about to give up when I saw life...still no life signs on the cotton though.

Today I am hoping for some more tomato seeds in the mails and the trail of tears black beans, they are both plants that take around 100 days to produce.  I still need to find tan pumpkin seeds to complicate the planting of the traditional three sisters.  I hope to find them today, I was encouraged by one of my friends to look on ebay and since I am out of ideas that is where I am headed latter today.

Today is of course a cheese making day we made more feta cheese, it is so yummy.  I feel like cutting some greens and frying them up, just so I can use the

You can tell it is spring in the Ozarkas, Elisha found a wasp in the house, but not before getting stung.  Thank goodness we had some of Miss Dawn's healing salve, it took the pain away, right away and starting taking down the swelling as well and I had gave him his allergy meds just a half hour before all this happened. The wasp has been caught and been put to death for his crimes against humanity.  I found the hole in the screen where I think he got in and I will be fixing it today.  Wasps will sneak in everywhere here, I honestly have never seen anything like it and I have lived in a lot of places.  Arkansas can be tough in the summer between the wasps and the flies, scorching hot summers and now cold long winters.  G-d may have given the Ozarka great beauty, but he also gave the people here there share of hardship.

Be Blessed

P.S. You know we are giving away a breeding age pot belly pig to one lucky person, and that time is coming, we only need a few more likes on Facebook....I am wishing all of our Facebook friends and family who entered the best of luck, and remember you are reasonable for picking he up if your name is drawn.

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