Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh Google why do you hate me so...

Good morning from the Mountain to everyone but Google.  I have spent the last hour or better trying to get into this account, nothing on my end has changed but it locked me out and then just let me back in.  It is so very frustrating.  Google go home, your drunk!

It has been an early busy day already, we planted five strawberry plants, one parsley plant and started moving more of the other plants outside.  We still have a cold day latter in the week so the pineapples will have to stay in for a few more days.  One pineapple is getting ready to send a flower up I think, when it does I will be sure to get you all a photo.  My pineapples are grown from pineapple tops from pineapples we ate about three years ago and that is about how long it takes to make another pineapple.  Then you save and root that top and start the whole thing over.  I love regrowing food from scraps.  I have two mango trees grown from seed, many peach threes that the boys grew from seed, plum trees, apple trees and many more items such as garlic onions and potatoes.

Today the potatoes must go out in to the garden, I also need to plant the brussel spouts with the boys, plus a bunch more seeds as always.  I really want to plant the flower seeds up along the sides of the road, we will have to see as it is raining today and tomorrow, which can be good.

I ordered more seeds yesterday and I am ever so happy with my choices.  Yard long beans, an oriental bean, Moonlight runner beans ( an old French green bean), Summer glory lettuce mix, Rainbow cayenne peppers, chocolate cherry tomatoes, red current tomatoes, Oaxacan green corn( good for pop corn, ground flour or eating fresh), and a few other neat things like trail of tears beans, that will grown with the corn.

Can not wait for the new seed...

So for now while the weather is not so bad, I am going to ship eggs out and get the Muscovy enclosure ready for the sweet little loves.

Be Blessed

Mahanaim Farm12 silkie chicken hatching eggssilky hatching eggs2

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