Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hot day on the Mountain

It is 80 degrees Fahrenheit here on the mountain, I declare spring in the Ozarkas, flag!

Delivered moms meat to her at school, well she and dad met me there to pick it up, I hope they like it.  some times it takes a little time to accustom oneself to fresh meat.

My mom gifted me a lovely purplish viola, and my ex boss gifted us more corn...Moms plant is happily home in it's new hanging basket.  Thank you Mom...!

With spring more plants are going in the ground, today I purchased Brussel spouts, parley, some replacement strawberrys and replacement rosemary. I also bought a bunch of seeds both on line and at the feed store...organic all the way.  I bought some lovely lemon sunflowers, some rainbow colored green peppers and some rainbow cayenne peppers, some black cherry tomatoes, some yard long beans, some new pole beans from France, table queen squash, and some yummy chives.  Can not wait to get more in the ground.

Moving ducks tomorrow and still have one panting bed to work on....and lots of new plants to get into the ground.

To those wondering about "Abagail", I am reworking one part and as soon as it and the cover are done it will go to print. It takes a lot of work and research to create a really good believable story.  So there you have it, it will be done when it is done...but I will keep you posted.

It's been a fun and hot day, so time for me to get some eggs boxed to ship and some school work done.

Be Blessed

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