Monday, March 31, 2014

Meeting the cast of "Clash of the Ozarks"

Good afternoon from the Mountain....we went to the gun show to get some 22 ammo, which they did not have, and to see the cast for "Clash of the Ozarks".  We met Mark, and the Preacher as well as Crow Bar, I will share the photos below.  Warning some are on the goofy side, as we had camera issues at one point.

For those of you who have never watched "Clash of the Ozarks", it is a real life documentary about families and their daily struggles and wars here in the Ozarks.  Clan wars and such.  It is well done and the people are true to life and each one is a true character.  The Preacher was amazing in real life and true as any man could be, Mr. Mark was also a true flat lander, I am not sure if Crow Bar should trust him...Crow Bar and his wife were there as well and refused to tell us what if anything happened with there land so there will be no spoilers from my post.  I will say they were all interesting and I was greatly saddened to have Missed the Baroness, I was so eager to speak with her as her land in Camp joins mine.  Oh well maybe another time.  If you have not watched the show, you should, what are you waiting for...

You can feel the tension as they are all on the stage...

Makes you wonder what the Preacher is thinking, it looks serious.

Crow Bar and all the people on the stage.

Not sure who was scarier, my husband Michael or Mr. Haney.

He is a phone of myself with the Preacher and Mark, that flat lander.

Here we are being

A little better photo, except for the guy behind my head...oh well.

We had a good day and by the way hardy is a wonderful town to visit, full of shops and plenty of charm.

As for the farm we killed the washer, yikes!  Spent the morning hunting another down, should be here at any time.  Aside from that we are busy planting, we were gifted some corn today, which is great and will go in the ground Wednesday along with our potatoes and some more onions and lots more greens.  

My new found desire to garden is in part of course to eat and have produce to sell, but also as a part of our goals towards being more self sufficient.  Since the earth-quake in California this week and the large earth quake in Yellowstone and the continued daily earth-quakes in Oklahoma, I know personally that we are sitting on the edge of a large and dangerous earth quake zone.  I also know that we are better prepared for such an event then most people, but we are always trying to refine what we are doing, we are not Preppers, we are just prepared people like the generations of people before us.  I want my family to be fed, have warm water and some other important things.  Because of the power company having there contractors poison our ground, has been a real eye opener, not only have we never been commentated for our damage,  but we have made a plan to rid our selves of the need of their future services.  We have many interesting plans for going off grid, that all start small and cheap, which is my favorite price.  In the mean time, we keep moving forward doing every thing we can to be ready for anything.  

I know the government tells people to keep 3 days worth of food and water, but since I lived in Florida during many hurricanes I can tell you that you need to do better.  You and your children may be miles away from an aid area and with gas stations shut down, you will no gas to get there any way.  You need to have 30 days, food water and other provisions set aside.  Think out side of the box when you put this stuff up, rice and beans may be cheap, but after a few days you are really not gonna want rice and beans.  Freeze dried food is nice if you are wealthy, but the rest of us can our food.  Canning food is a great way to preserve your harvest and your meat for a day when you might need it.  You should make a ways to keep water at your house encase the power goes out, you can either learn to purify it or buy gallons.  You will go through a gallon or better per person, trust me on that, so think ahead.  

Make sure you have dry goods to make breads with, even a simple fry bread will be a comfort when you have nothing else. Many flat breads are easy to make and whole grain will store nearly forever under the right conditions.  
Now for radios and such, you need to go Solar as soon as you can, or a wind up model, they are under $20.00 and may be an import source of news in any event.

The dark can be scary.  Cheap solar lights are a great stand by solution, I learned this lesson from a dear friend in Florida, solar garden lights on a stick, some even use double A batteries which is great as they double for a really cheap recharger.  You stick these guys out in the yard to charge all day and you have at least 8 hours of light to use latter.  I great bargain as they can be used over and over again for many years.   They even have lanterns that work this way.  

These are the three big things you need to worry about, food, water and light, the other things you can work on depending how long you will be cut off from the rest of the world.  

In the event of being cut off from the rest of us, know that I will miss you and look forward to your return.  If you want to know more ask me I am happy to share what I have learned with you.

Be Blessed 

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