Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Evening from the mountain...

Good evening from the mountain...Cooking up a batch of fried red potatoes and red onions, with some lamb ham, and mini t-bones cooked in pear Gorgonzola sauce.  Michael did the last of bury the cow, and the skin is slated drying and will be tanned soon.  I am way behind on tanning as well.  I have six hides to do, but at least i can make my own fleshing tools. I do not have a large enough piece of obsidian but I have lots of agate , so agate it is.  We are making a more modern set of knapping tools, so the kids will each have a set of their own and Michael and I will have a set.

Aside from late, I plan to watch TV and relax with the hubbie.  I also wanted to say thank you to all my friends for their birthday wishes, some by phone, some by im, some by facebook, some by twitter, Myspace etc...I love you all.

Time to milk the goat...

Be Blessed

Mahanaim Farm3 Self blue dutch Old English game bird batam hatching eggs

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