Monday, March 17, 2014

News from the mountain, it is cold and icy this morning.  I am experiencing the worst Purim ever...  :(
So what has got me bummed other than the weather.  Well I am stuck on the farm for Purim, we had wanted to go up north and join in the celebration, or even down south, or well Rogers would have also been nice, no time and no money to spare.  Next I have been unable to get plants in the ground, I am so frustrated.  We did start some seeds, but I want to plant all the peas and onions and potatoes, turnips, beets and other good yummys.  It's no longer just about our food, but the people who buy fresh veggies from us and I sure do not want to disappoint them.

In other news we are getting a new hive, it should be her in April some time, we had a enough money from last seasons honey sales to get another one, so we will have three hives and lots of honey in the future.  It is lovely to have ones own honey and wax from your own hive and to be able to share it with others just makes the blessing even larger.

We did get some new Muscovy ducks to replace the ones that that wolves ate, I wanted to say thank you to my friend and her husband who helped us.  I am not going to say their names, but I am going to say how they baled us out of a really tight jam and how I am very grateful.

I am grateful for the large group of supporters that our little farm has, because times have been very hard for us and our continuing to try my patents to my wits end on some days. yesterday was one of those days. Some times you are so busy trying to do the right thing or the proper thing that you forget to take the time to do the good thing.  That is to do the thing your heart yells at you to do.  For us here on the farm that has meant no new cows and the early butcher of the largest cow in our small herd.  It is heart breaking to me to have had to make this choice, but I only have so much money to work with at any given time.  What this means for the remaining herd is Ruth our two year old, Jersey cross with have to be AI 'ed, My adopted sister is going to hook me up with the nice man that does this and she will be breed using Scottish Highland seamen. .I hope to get a baby out of her by next year.  The little bull this spring will go into the freezer this fall.  That will leave us Ruth and the soon to be calf in her belly.  Not a great plan, but it is the best I have.

We are officially down to just a handful of goats, Rebecca who is retired, Icecube ( best darn milk goat a girl could have) and of our my hubbies pet a mini alpine named puggie, or and the Nubian who once she has her her babies her fate is to go to the freezer.  No baby goats yet, Icecube is caring one for sure, I am hoping for two, but will be thrilled with just a healthy baby.

As far as sheep, I have kept one breed ewe.  She is do to kid anytime and I am praying for a healthy baby.  I have hopes to some day rebuild the herd, but today is not that day.

We have scaled down all the livestock, and still have some more to deal with.  I am planning on sizing down the pigeons, I may put a bunch in the freezer and try to sell some as well.  I just think three pens is two to many...and feed is becoming harder and harder to come by.  So changes will have to be made.

As to other things we are doing, such as Abigail I am delayed in publishing due to not having a cover.  I have been working on this problem and feel I have come up with a fix for that, so I hope to share it with you all soon.

Now to other things that need getting done, such as repairing computers and setting up the many broken things and so little time.  I still need to ship eggs today and pendants so, plus I need to deliver eggs.  I am going to have a busy day.  So other than working with the kids, that is what I will be doing...

Be Blessed

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