Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dreary day...

Good afternoon from the mountain, it is a dreary day, perfect for the little seeds who lay sleeping in the ground.  Just the few things that have come to life have given us such joy.  With each little sprout the past failures melt away leaving room for success. We are do to have bad thunderstorms here to day, that always puts me on edge as we are surrounded by really lovely hundred year old trees or older and well oak trees when they are big and lovely can kill or destroy very quickly and with out much warning as the front of my van can attest.  We are ordering the new trees today, three for each one we are planing to remove.  It makes me very sad to lose them, but they are dangerous and we have our own ground rules set as to when and if they shall be taken.

First they can not be a nesting tree to the woodpeckers or other birds, I will not remove their safe home to make me feel better.  Now bear must be making a home there.  In a case where the birds have hold of the tree it will be trimmed back as far a possible.  In the case of a bear, we will let nature run her course.

Second the wood if at all possible must be used to build things, furniture, homes, decor etc, the unusable wood will keep us warm, there will be no waste, none of my trees shall make railroad ties, as railroads are one of the causes of many animals and people being displaced from their land.

Third, it must be done in a way that does not hurt the land.  This land is scared to me, all land should be, the land is giving us the gift of these trees and gratitude is very important.

Michael got his new chain saw, a manufactured one, we paid less than half the retail value for it and it seems it will make him very happy.  I am sure the nice man who is cutting and milling our trees will be very happy for some help.  He will need it, some of the trees are more than 3 feet around; the burled oak is at least that.  I can not wait to have my kitchen table and many other things made from it.  Anyway, our other chain saw is with my sister, which is funny cause hers is here.  Here husband loaned us one, so we were able to get some wood cut.  So we will have at least two working chain saws, three if we dump the gas out of Dah' veed that he left here.  He had bad gas, we would not have know, but we ran low on gas in the cans and used some of his, and it gummed up our chain saw.  We should have took gas out of the holding tanks, lesson learned.

To change the subject, so far this morning, I have done some dishes, milked the goat( first round), made farmers cheese, and have spent a few hours painting the cover for "Abigail".  I have changed out the mouse cage and put fresh food and bedding in.  I have checked the gardens and the new peas which as doing well.

My hope for today, that the cheese turns out ok, as I have cooked with the last two failed batches.
To make buttermilk biscuits to go with supper.
To finish the painting for the cover of the book.
To get stuff ready to go to the flea market booth.
To consider removing Direct TV, though I think for know I will scale it down.

So much to do, so little I will leave you all now and get to work.  I will let you know how much we get done if weather permits.  When bad storms ripe though here we unplug everything that is not essential.  having surge protectors is just not enough.

Be blessed

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