Friday, March 28, 2014

What kind of wheat do I need...

Good morning from the mountain, another fun day here on the farm, full of planting food and cleaning house.  Yesterday I got most of the painting for the book cover , did not get my biscuits done, I guess I will make them today to go with the chicken for dinner.

The temp out side is very pleasant and I think the duck house will be on the easier side to clean out and make ready for them...I wish I had another one of of bright tap Waters, I may just have to buy them, once the ducks start laying.  It seems to be working well with the self blue dutch old English game birds.  My goal is to get one for every pen, one at a time as money allows.  It is far cleaner to use and requires less filling, time is always money, but no matter how much money you have, you can never get back time once spent.

Michael and I plan to study the grasses now growing on the farm more closely so we know what types of wheat and barely will do best here.  What kind of wheat should we plant , what kind of barily?  Any ideas out there?

We plan to plant wheat and barely this year, but we hope to use older varieties in the near future.  Much like the corn, many plants are quickly becoming GMO or producers are spraying crops to "dry" them before harvest and I for one want no part of it.  At this moment we are not set up to grow all our own grain and plain to buy up as much organic grain as we can this year, putting it up in Mylar till we are able to be self producing.

This summer may vex us, as so much has to change for us and we have to work so much harder then we have before to change things over once again.  I know we can do it and now is the time, latter might be two late.  By fall I know we will have many of the larger trees cleared and new ones planted and it should open up new areas to produce food in.  If all goes well I hope to have the back porch, kitchen and green house down this year, but I place this in G-d's hands.  The last few years have been rough, but this year we are pushing towards success.

So much to do and day light burning so I will get off here and get back to work...

Be Blessed

P.S. If you want to help our farm we have our these items for sale on ebay today.  We also have a website: 

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