Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain.  I have been a busy person to day, setting up the new printer, answering the phones and getting stuff ready to ship.  I can say that this new printer though time consuming to install and slow to print is leaps and bounds above the old one.  It is an Epson XP-310 wireless printer.  The color is nice and if you buy the ink on Amazon it is super cheap.  I paid $17.00 with free shipping for enough cartridges to replace each one four times.  Beats the heck out of 40 or 50 bucks to replace from the company.  Every time you save money you are earning money, so it is well worth the little be of time spent on researching a printer or any device that you need.

Now that I have the printer up and running I am trying to print the backs of the cards that I send with mustard seed pendants, and of course I print a ton up at once.  However the last time I printed them was before this computer so I lost the patter and now how to remake them.  this just adds hours of work to my day, but that is just the way it is.  I mean if HP does not think a laptop should last for more than five years, bla....this one I am typing on might very well be the last laptop or even computer I ever buy from them.  If they can't be bothered to take care of their customers than in the same right, I can not be bothered to use them as a source for my computers anymore.  I am not fond of Dell, but have thought about one, I have looked into Toshiba which seems to have the best deal at the moment. I have tried to explain to HP when you buy a computer it should not be disposable, it is an investment, after all they do call it an investment in their commercials.  Much like TV and commercials that are both not real, so is the line about HP standing behind their products.  It is sad really as they once were a mighty empire that inspired me to buy any product with their name attached and now I am sitting on a phone line explaining to them what an investment is.  To me an investment is something that you plan to use for a long time, and thus you do not mind putting out a little extra ,because you  know in the end , you will get that money back.  My printer is disposable, my laptop is not.

On to  farm news we just put together our first new watering system, it is made by a company called Bright Tap, it was a bit pricey, but I think it will safe us time and stress and that is truly worth a little extra money.  This cool little unit attaches to a water cooler, mine is 2 and a half gallons, once installed you are ready to go.  You set this up on a milk crate or cinder blocks, etc, just so long as it is high enough for the chickens or other birds to reach each.  Because our birds have there flighty moments, our will be secured to the wire cage as well.  this should make it safe and stable.  The birds tap these little nibbles and fresh clean cool water is there for them. sounds really great, but we will see and keep you posted.

I am looking into new feeders as well, I have found one called,"Grand Pa's feeders" or some thing like that and the way it works is that you fill the box side of it with feed and then the birds have to walk on the metal platform, it then opens and they can eat their fill.  Once they step down it closes, this means no more wasted feed on the ground, no more water in the feed.  The ad shows that they hold a good amount of feed, I would guess about 5 pounds or more, so that will make it easier for us to keep up with all the chores that  are in need of being done.

People have no idea the amount of work even a small farm entails and perhaps because we are not Mono choppers it is very complicated at times to explain the things we do here. Believe me we are never done, there is just a list that get rolled over and we keep working.  I am not saying it is not worth it, it is.

 Everything we grow is quality, healthy and free of the chemicals that many would have us believe are safe.  With every egg, with every grain of wheat, every tomato, every potato, every green bean,  with every pea, every good thing we reap from this farm it is a blessing.  It is done with the respect the earth herself, it is done with respect the animals

. I think a lot about what buying store bought food means; for me it is a great failure, for others a means to an end, and still others a blessing.  Every store bought item I buy disrespects the very earth beneath my feet, even the organic foods make me feel this way, as I know that they were more often then not soaked in chemicals, if not a GMO and not grown with love.  To grow this food the land is raped, the soil scorched and the food it's self in many cases altered into a new form.  Makes me a little sick to think about it really.  I dream of a world where people each take a share in not only the earths life that she is giving for us, but that each person tries in some small way to plant a healthy seed, or more into the earth and grown from it food that feeds, with out killing. If most people planted even a simple pot of lettuce with out the use of chemicals it would be a grand start.  All of us have to learn to be responsible for our food and our world before it is too late.

I also believe people should hunt for more of the meat they eat, hunting done right is sustainable and cost effective. For many generations hunting and gathering have played a huge role in the lives of the people of this planet and then like throwing away a baby with the bath water, people just stopped.  It is high time we all went back to learning how to live a little more like the people of the past, so that we may preserve a future for those who come after us.  Have we all become so selfish that we will not plant a tree for other to eat from in the future.  I myself do not want to believe that people are so selfish, in fact I share my knowledge with anyone willing to listen, because teaching someone to hunt, fish or forage is like giving them wealth that can never be taken away, you many lose gold, your house, your car, your job, but knowledge will feed you.

As to other things going on with the farm we are still not the new parents of more baby goats of sheep, but are hopeful that anytime we will be.  We are still mending fences, and planting seed into the earth.  Nothing is more exiting than those first little spouts who poke their heads above the earth.

So back to work for me...

Be blessed

News from the dog house to follow

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