Thursday, March 20, 2014

Progress for the kitchen...

Good evening from the mountain, sorry about making this post so late, it has been a long day.  Went to school of course, took me for ever to take the test, I am sure a normal person could have done it in half the time.  But I did the best I could and feel ok about it.  I also cleared a new section, so that is wonderful.  Spring break starts Sunday for me and I have a long list of stuff to do.  Gardens are going to needs tons of work, hides need scraped and made ready to be tanned and glass needs made, among other things.

Good news is in the works, as Sunday we will have the wood we have needed to do the kitchen, it was locally sourced and each board was crafted with love and joy from a local mill.  I bless the man who is selling us this wood with wealth and long life, as it is a blessing to us.  I am so happy!  :)  I have enough egg money to pay him.  My kitchen will soon have walls, however I now need to come up with insulation.  Nothing is ever

Still no baby goat or sheep, looking everyday, milking icecube every day and I am happy to have fresh milk and butter.  We put the first Goose eggs in the incubator.

As far as the chain saw, it is going to Sears in West Plains.  They do in house, so I do not have to worry about it getting lost again, I will not have to wait months to get it back and I am sure they will not ring my phone a hundred times or more as we have had that talk.

I am down sizing Direct TV tomorrow, and look forward to using the Roku more.  The Roku is a neat little toy, I really like it and the children do as well, so I will save 40 bucks a month and lose very little. It has been a challenge to use though, when you first use it many channels need to be registered using a computer.  It can be a bit tricky, but I do think the Roku 3 is top notch as far as value is concerned.

Tomorrow I hope to find a new obsidian scraper to work the now dried hides and get them ready to tan, I am crossing my fingers on this one as I need it, and well mine might as well be gone forever.  I thought I could make one from a piece of obsidian that I had here at the farm, but it is from Ascension Island and if it did not want to be made it will shatter, after all it is glass and I would be sick, since it is the only piece I have left. I tried that fancy metal scraper, I don't know, it is not very relaxing or peaceful using it.  I need what makes me happy and lets me work happy.  When I glean a hide it is almost like a meditation, I just love doing it.  Silly I guess...

I am going to take one hour next week and get the cover done for Abigail and get her up on Amazon and Nook for sale and a few other places.  I had no idea it was going to drag out like this, I should have made the cover first I guess.  I do promise it will get done.

In other news the boys are doing great with their studies and are looking forward to summer and all it brings, they have all ready had Michael out there shocking the pool and getting it ready.  Everyday I hear is it warm enough yet?, No, a day latter, is it warm enough now, No...and on and on...stop laughing, it's not funny having to here it ever day since the ice melted off.

Have to log off now dear ones as I must get dinner ready, cold cuts and fresh veggies...and fresh bread and wheel of fortune time.

Be Blessed


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