Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Planted food...

Evening from the mountain, we have had a productive day even with all the stress of the outside world.  We planted, globe artichokes, boc choy, and cotton today.  Tomorrow we hope to get the peas in, more onions and some radishes and replant the carrots.  We will pant the radishes with the carrots to use the space wisely, that radishes will grow first and make the soil loose for the carrots.  Neat little trick.  I still have to get more cabbage in and broccoli.

 I have discovered to have the tomatoes I need to can for this year I will need to plant a Minimum of 25 plants. /that means I will need at least five additional plants to have tomatoes to trade with or sell.  I will also need to have about ten or more pepper plants.

I will plant a bunch of greens too...it is almost time to harvest the first curly dock of the season...mmmm curly dock pie....yum.

Anyone can plant greens, just take a plastic cake pan, you know one that is clear on one side and has a black tray.  After you eat the yummy cake, wash it.  Now turn the clear side up like a bowl.  Place a inch of organic soil, now sprinkle a pack of your favorite organic greens seed, lettuce or what ever greens you like.  Water lightly and cover the clear part with the black tray place near a window and wait, in just a few days you will see your seeds sprouting and with in a few weeks you will be able to harvest.  Anyone can do this.

Be Blessed

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