Monday, March 24, 2014


Evening from the mountain,
worked out side for a short time, looked to see what was coming back to life and say the lettuce starting to grow, the some beets, and some radishes, some kale and onions.  I was presently surprised to see that one of our ten sage plants was still alive, but just barely.  I know how a good idea of what needs to be replanted.  I will need a rosemary plant for each door of each building, so about 10 or so. I need equal in number sage plants.  All other herbs will need to find new homes as we were unable to keep many of them alive.

I plan to plant many rows of greens of all sorts, more peas, and root vegetables.  I have not seen one carrot seed come up from the hundreds I set in the ground,so they will need to be replanted again.  It is nice to see the trees unfurling their leaves and coming back to life, the grass re-greening and live returning to the world of the mountain.

Michael and I have decided to set up a little booth at an indoor flea market here in Camp.  I have to gather stuff to take up their, the cost is fair at $20.00 per month. It may help us to make some much needed income and at the same time let more people know about how our local electric company NAEC has not compensated us for it yet, but mostly to prevent and guide others to keeping their land safe and free of products like Round-Up which kill bees and the land.

Sometimes I get so sad over it all, like no other person on the planet understands what is going on.  My very soul cries out against the void of understanding, and I feel as though there will never be another shinning moment in all of time.  I feel that everyone has a purpose in this world and no ones purpose should be to destroy it.  Maybe if it were more palatable to save instead of destroy it would be an easier world for me to dwell in.  I recently studied in American history class that in America there were people who wanted to conserve the land and those that wanted to protect it.  Both are very different, those who wanted to conserve the land wanted to take want they wanted and then put some thing back.  Destroy thousand year old trees and replant them with other fast growing trees, terrific for many, no so much for the planet.  Don't get me wrong I believe in replanting forest, just not raping the old world forest.  Back to what I was saying the other people wanted the land preserved as is, in a glorious way, beautiful and free.  Their is little glory left out there, even the land that was set aside for all of time, is now being used  for cattle.  It is a sad fate we have designed our selves too.

Our little farm is like a shelter, we allow free to be free, we farm with the land and not against it.  We dream that some day more people will feel moved to our cause and less to the other.  If we start now to protect the world, to grow more of our own food and be more responsible with what we have.

No matter how hard it is to farm, it beats not doing 1000 times over.  We will live in the world of healthy food and do our best to help others to do so as well.

Be Blessed

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