Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lumber and the new Kitchen

News from the mountain, our locally sourced and milled lumber arrived today.  I am so happy, lovely white pine, from trees that were I think he said, 30 inches around.  the boards are 15  inches wide and our going to look amazing on the walls of the new kitchen.
The cabinets that I bought our white pine reclaimed from a fire and bought locally, and they were made in the USA.

I have a week off of school and I am looking forward to getting starting on all this.  Just today I found two sliding glass doors for $200.00 so I have that as well and all the windows for the kitchen as well. New wiring going in soon and the new fuse panel as well.  Now I still have to make or save enough money to get the water heater that heats water as you use it, this should save us a bunch of money.

In other projects I am ordering the solar panel that will will use to power our washing machine.  I will have to come up with a few car batterys, but I know where the scrap yard is and I feel I could acquire them cheap.  It should be fun to see how it works out.  If it does we will take and start taking more off grid, including the barn.

We are still down sizing animals till we find a fit that works for us.  I am selling another goat off, I am sure that she will be someones blessing.  I have to make the farm more manageable and cheaper to run.

Getting more seeds into the ground today, while it is lovely and sunny.

Be Blessed dear ones....

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