Friday, March 14, 2014

Good morning from the mountain, it is a chilly 60 degrees here so I am passing on planting for the day.  I have new asparagus to get into the ground, potatoes, onions, peas, violas and more. I guess it will keep.  Thank goodness I have this never ending list of other stuff to get done.

 Well at least I got some stuff done before it rained...made butter from the goats milk, milked the goat, did some dishes and got boxes ready to go out.  Still need to clean the fans, vacuum the house, get the dishes finished, take photos of the birds for the web, do math, and history, make glass, gather seeds for peoples boxes and so much work on the cover for Abigail which is holding up everything...when you have a farm you learn to be flexible.

Yesterday we laid the ground work for another book in the slave series, it is still up in the air, plus I have another book I have to get done for school, never enough time to get it all

Looks like one last snow is headed our way, yuck...I am so sick of snow.  I need to get my plants growing so we can raise  enough to eat and sell, come on weather, help me out here.

I best get back to work...

Be Blessed

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