Wednesday, March 12, 2014

News From The Doghouse and happy as the only rooster in the hen house....

The jonquils bloomed today and worked on farm chores with lower back pain from the milk cow knocking me through gate boards in the barn the other day, broke one board in 3-4 pieces....fixed the wheel barrow changing out the inner tube in a spare wheel and replacing the axle from the old one into the new tube spare one and now in business, not fighting and grinding metal and gritting my teeth....Yesterday was like 80-82 F and today its half that, also yesterday worked on the swimming pool, got the filter going and chlorine tablet cleaning the pool water....Elijah wanted to jump in and go swimming and I figured the water was like 40-50 degrees, it was covered over with ice just a few days ago, and ice is still on the ground in shady areas....but he jumped in like a polar bear (^*^) Got a fire going again in the wood burner and turned on the gas heater in the boys room again....found a goose nest w/ goose laying egg, so got some for the incubator and some
for sale baby goat yet, hopefully soon and healthy delivery too...

Michael...from the top of the mountain

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