Monday, March 24, 2014

Just a day...

Morning from the mountain, you will notice I did not use the word good.  We lost of 2 year old dairy cow out of the blue, no idea why she died, Michael just went out and she was bloated and stiff on the ground.  She was not wormy, her weight was goo and she was fine the day before.  If this was not enough of a horrible was to start the day, my milk goat had her two little girls, neither lived, they looked right in every way other then not breathing.

Wood came, a huge thanks to my dear friend who had her son cut it for us. It is good to know that we will not freeze as we have yet to hear from Sears over the chain saw, I assure you it will be the last one I buy from them.  We have two hours of use on the chain saw, used none ethanol gas in her and followed all the rules.  What a piece of the way the last sears we took the saw to, lost it for over a month and even after I got it back, they still called the house twice a day for months.  I hate when a company has sure poor standards.  So I do not need anything else Sears.  The chain saw is over an hour from my front door so I will have to blow more gas to pick it up as soon as they have done something with it.  I think I will just go to Walmart and buy a cheap chain saw ans get on with life.  I should have just scraped the other one and took a loss.  It is hard to know what to do anymore as everything is made to break.

On to more pleasant matters, we went over the plans for the new kitchen and I need to figure out where I want the sink.  It is a hard choice to place things in an open space.  I think both stoves on the same side of the room and the sink on the other.  I like the idea of a long counter near the stoves.  I have the island for the center, just need to change out the wheels and put locking ones on. That should be fun. Michael has some of the walls down and it is interesting to see what goes into a house trailer.  It is also sad as it is not very much of anything.  you have the wall insulation and the sheet metal.  Michael and I talked about the ceiling and I am wanting to replace the fake beams with real wood and we plan to so do the ceiling like space, so I foresee me getting black paint painting it, then taking the air brush our and creating the universe.  It will look really neat with the beamed wood I think.  The lights we put up will be come part of it too.  I was going to buy a mural, but they wanted over $500.00 bucks, I just don't see it, so I will do it myself.  I will have two doors in the rear of the kitchen one to the main house and one the Tardis that will some day lead to the basement, it will be a tiny closet for now I guess.  I pick up the sliding glass doors latter this week.  One for each side, so I will have lots of light and air movement.  I picked a spot for two of the other windows as well and a place for an A.C. if needed. It is all coming together.

I need to log off for now, eggs to ship, plants to plant and stuff to do....

Be Blessed

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