Friday, March 7, 2014

morning from the mountain, fresh food, and war looms on the horizon

Good morning from the mountain, yes we are still stuck on the mountain and I guess this is all starting to read like a castaways journal.  Sort of like, day forty five, have not seen another living  there really is about four inches of snow still up here and it is making me want to see it all end.  I am so ready for spring and planting.  You know I really do not want to complain ,but even Fed-ex and the the Ups guy have not made it up here.

All said, we are really fine, have lots of food and the animals have lots of food to, which is a good thing.  I bought animal feed for the month due to the skirmish going on in the Ukrainian.  Most people do not know that they grow the second largest amount of corn and wheat, just under what America grows.  So this will in the long run effect the prices of food and plastic.

I found out that our animals are ready to be picked up at the butchers, my total came to $288.00 which is so reasonable, since it was, a goat, two sheep and half a pig ( I just want it know that I do not eat pig, nor condone anyone else eating them).  One sheep became sausage, I had Italian sausage made in sheep casings, and German sausage....we are so excited, I can not wait to grill them. The goat got chopped up for goat stew, so it is all good.  I look forward to bring the cow in to get her done, then the freezers will be full again. It is nice to have food security in a insecure world.  Sort of like having money in the bank.

The Children are still learning about the presidents, I have enjoyed sharing with them the era of McKinley and Roosevelt.  I think they have learned at great deal.  Yesterday we watched a show on History together that showed how the giants of the era came into being, it was very interesting, both to them and for me. I think of the fact that McKinley had agreed to war eight months before the war, while saying the whole time we needed to be neutral, perhaps he just did not know what the world neutral meant.

History seems to in some form repeating its self right now.  We are on the edge of war with another country and it seems unlikely that in some form it was not planed.  Perhaps President Obama is unsure of the word neutral either.  Most wars are sought by those who have the most to gain financially by them, makes you wonder who who make money off of this potential war.  My self I am sick of the blood and fighting, I am sick of war and threats of thermal nuclear inhalation.  All the wars we have been though have not made us better people, it has just left our society to clean up mess after mess and forced us in to a rut of never ending battles. It seems with all that we have learned, there is still so much left to learn.

Now that I have had my rant I should get back to working on the book about Abigail, need to get it done...and the dishes need done too.

May you all be blessed

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