Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Greeting from the mountain, welcome to my cousin and his lovely wife a new little angel, the most beautiful child born in France.

My sweet husband cleaned my kitchen and bathroom for me.  I can home to a group of nice people who came to get bees wax.  Had a lovely visit with them.

 So here I am typing to you all.

Still no baby goat, but mama goat is doing well and we are hopeful that she will kid at some point.  Lots to do here so busy...I had some one from California ring me as I missed an online class, ewwww, darn me...some times I just can not win, so I will listen to the audio and try to catch up before the next class.  I told my teacher it was Purim, she said that was yesterday...lol...oh well. Guess I will have to get one task.

Aside from all these things, my eldest son found a great job and I am so happy for him, it has 401k and everything. I told him it is a keeper.

So a good day over all...I still have home work to do and listen to my class, as well as make glass, so I need to log off of here and get this stuff done.  I am making pizza for dinner and hope to get to bed at a goodly hour tonight so I can get up early milk the goat, and then work on the gardens and get seeds into the good earth.

Be Blessed

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