Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Goats after they have birthed

I call a nice lady who has be raising goats for longer then I have breathed air into my lungs.  As many of you know my goat lost her two babies.  Well the first thing you do is look to make sure she is clean, no after birth hanging out.  Next you will need a gallon of warm iodized salt water, just a few spoonfuls of salt per the gallon.  Offer it to her, let her drink what she wants and then take the rest away.  Limit grain for the first few days after this or regular birth to prevent the doe from scouring.

It is also helpful to offer your goat black strap molasses, about a spoonful a day for a few days.  It is really just a waiting game to see if they do better or not. Mine at the moment is a little lethargic, so we are giving her the salt water to see if it will get better.

I will keep you all posted...

Be Blessed

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