Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good morning from the mountain...

Good morning from the mountain, I have just gotten off the phone with Hersh feed.  Due to inclement weather, the fact the Ukraine is second in the world in the production of wheat and corn, just under the United States, I have ordered a month’s worth of feed.  The cost of feed has already climbed and it is for sure not going to drop anytime soon, so it is like putting money in the bank. 

As many people know we have been battling to drop our bills; one of the bills I have had the hardest time with is Direct TV who much like HP and Netflix is a bit too big for their own good.  They have no idea of loyalty which is the same problem I have had with HP who did business with me for almost 20 years, I did not have that long in with Netflix, but I was there customer long enough to know that they do not honor their own words.  In dealing with Direct TV I have learned that Disney owns ESPN and forces this programming to be locked together, I find their form of business interesting.  While I am saddened by the fact that two cents once stood between having the Weather channel or the poorly done and lacking in facts Weather Nation, I am sick over the abuse of pricing packages.  I really think they charge about double of what they should…makes me a bit ill to think when money is so tight for so many people , and while I understand free enterprise, I fear that I must find a better way to get my TV fix. 

I have ordered a Roku box, which uses your WiFi signal to give you access to tons of free programming, some of it , just like what we are watching now, and some is even better than what I am watching.  Unfortunately it is delayed in shipping, due to poor weather.  It may get here today or it may not.  I bought this item through Amazon prime, as a refurbished unit, free shipping and they even gave me a $20.00 credit for it being late, which of course was outside of their control.  Amazon in my opinion is a good company to deal with, they are down to earth and they get customer service, when I call them I get an American, they listen and understand.

As far as the farm its self, I am a stand still till the weather gets better, we are selling hatching eggs, and southwestern art, but that is about it.

I cannot wait to get more seeds in the ground….

In big news my book should be on kindle on time…so Abigail becomes live in just a few days and should change the minds of what many people think about slavery in the south.  Abigail will be one is a serious of books we do not only about American history but Slavery.  The tentative title to the series is called, “The Americans you never Knew existed”, with the under caption being “America Slaves”.  Abigail’s story is just one that we will feature; there are others in the works, one will deal with Native American slaves, Slaves owned by Free Blacks and more…  The next book will not be part of the slave series per say, it will be about the life of a coal miner in West Virginia , during the time of the Blair mountain revolt , there I go again, spoilers…oh well best get back to work all this stuff is not going to do itself.

From all of us here on the Mountain Be Blessed

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