Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Afternoon from the mountain...

Good Afternoon from the mountain welcome to our new friends in Russia.  It is another raining day on the farm. 
Our five new kitchens are getting along nicely and should be able to have new homes in a week or so.  I cannot wait; as my dog has taken an unnatural, unholy liking to them.  For now, they are in a huge dog carrier; I put their mother in twice a day and leave them goats milk in a bowl.  The kittens even though still young  all very much in need of a bath.   The fleas are so terrible this year  and they are hungry.  So later today or tomorrow; I will go to the effort of bathing them in Dawn dish washing liquid.   Dawn dish washing liquid kills fleas on contact.  

The gardens are looking good; baby tomatoes are everywhere.  Onions are nearly done, first batch of potatoes done, next batch ready for the ground.   I am harvesting weeds for the animals to eat; I am planning on two wheel barrels full.  I  will  do this to supplement out hay use as I have no money for hay today.  So I will have make it stretch.
I watched a lovely show on the TV last night on BYU; it was about baking bread, I love to watch other people cooking it gives me new ideas.  I so feel baking bread, but that means grinding wheat into flour.  That means getting the grinder out, by the time I do that I am not sure I will have the energy to make the bread.   The man on the TV said that ground wheat is good for about a month in the cupboard. 
We are starting to gather up wild buckwheat; Michael is modifying the children’s play house that he built many years ago to use as a drying building.   I think we will dry the herbs this way as well.  My dehydrator is in need of repair because it is an Excalibur I will need to hunt the heating coil down.  Today many people would just throw it out, but it is the best one they have ever made so I will fix it.  They do not even make anything close to it anymore. I miss proofing my bread in it; I make my yogurt in it and dry our food in it.  So it needs to be done.
Anyway need to get off here and to get things done

Be Blessed

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