Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good afternoon from the Mountain

Good afternoon from the mountain, yesterday was a fun filled day.  I planted and worked in the garden, went to our round of stores with my Michael and our little boy, along with all the other farm stuff.   We had a lovely adventure at our local aquarium; we donated two American Snapping turtles for them to use in their educational programs.  The very nice lady we regularly talk with was off teaching Archery, I am sure the boys with their turtles would have brought a smile to her face.  The turtles are very tame and after their three weeks of quarantine they will become the stars of their turtle teaching.  We had a male and a female turtle and now they do.  They are currently feasting on fairy shrimp and missing the boys I am sure.  We will visit them in a few weeks; the boys are very excited.
The boys and the hubby got new sneakers, an important part of farm life.  I think what it must have been like a hundred years ago; the whole family goes to buy shoes, and some things about farm life never change.  Everything we do each day is based on our farm life, no matter what it is.  Some people have a hard time understanding that, they ask me when I am going back to work; my answer is that I never stopped, just changed phone numbers.  Farming is a full time job with no vacations; you just don’t back up and go to the beach because your animals depend on you, and other people depend on you to grow or raise their food.
Michael has harvested many bags of wild buckwheat, and I foresee lots of food being cooked with it this winter.  Our garlic is ready already, so I will be picking and replanting over the next few days; onions too are ready.  I checked on the runner beans that I planted a few days back, there are gone; bugs have eaten the seed.  I am very unhappy about this, but will start the seeds in then plant them.  Nature has not been our friend this year.
I am not sure what is going on with our bigger trees or wild raspberries.  They all act like winter is less than a month away, goofy things.  The autumn olive tree is near harvest already and her leaves are turning yellow.   Our apples, the pears a few more weeks I think, but it will not be long.  Our corn that is over six feet tall is only dwarfed by our sunflowers that are at least eight feet high.  Every day we watch our first pumpkin on the fence, each day it gets bigger and more lovely.  I hope it or at least one of them will be ready to show at the fair.  I am worried that I will not have enough to show this year, but I am pushing forward.
I have so much more to share with you all, but I am still really tired from yesterday so I will go for now. 
Be Blessed

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