Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good evening from the mountain...

Good evening from the mountain, it has been a long day, I went and picked up the saw horses and got a few things at the grocer, met one of my sort of neighbors.  It was interesting to hear someone else talk about the troubles that have fallen upon all of us and the ways we are all trying to deal.  She was explaining to me that we could no longer sell eggs at the towns square; I did not know anything about that.  I was expressing that at least I could still as a farmer sell there. I found out I was sort of wrong, if the item is eggs they must be refrigerated, so they say and there for cannot be sold.  I can still sell vegetables and jarred food as well as bread, but no eggs.  Who are these people refrigerating eggs? Honestly I am perplexed by the whole idea.
To tell you the truth it is getting very hard to make money as a small farm that refuses to use nasty chemicals and GMO seed.  I am so frustrated with trying to make money in general.  All the skills I have are worthless in this China economy and each day I feel as though I lose more ground.  I can make lovely beaded hat bans, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, etc., but since the China is making these in their country and selling them here, well I stand little chance of selling any of mine.  Here is my example; I charge 5 dollars an inch for a ¾ wide piece, ten inches $50.00 American dollars.   They can sell a loomed piece for of the same size for $5.00. 
I am guessing I will have to find a new nitch market to make money, though I am not sure what that shall be.

Have to go and milk the goats, feed the kittens and make the evening meal.

Be Blessed

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