Thursday, June 12, 2014

Almost sunny morning from the mountain

Well, it is almost sunny here on the mountain, welcome Ukrainian friends and to all our other friends.  My day has started off as a landslide or events that made themselves know at 6:35 this morning. For days, I have been dealing with a very unreasonable customer on eBay and have been phoning eBay every other day.  I shipped eggs to her that she had won at an auction of mine.  They were Americana eggs that means they a heavy build bird that has puffy cheeks and a little beard, they have smooth legs, which are often blue or willow color, and they lay a blue egg.  They are lovely birds, none old then three.  I keep them young as to keep fertility rates very high.

So here is what transpired:  The eggs I shipped her we broken in transit, the box was smashed, and suddenly I am the blunt of her life's pain.  I careful explain that the eggs are insured, she tells me that her post office will not honor the insurance because the box was not marked fragile.  In America boxes that are marked fragile rarely make it to their destination unharmed and in my mind I imagine them playing basketball with the boxes, so to protect my little eggs I wrap them to the hilt.  I wrap each one in bubble wrap, and then I use an egg carton cut in half, the end you put the eggs in.  I split the box into two sixes, placing six eggs each wrapped in bubble wrap in the carton, placing the other half on top. I tape that put more bubble wrap around it and then do the other 6 eggs.  I use the smooth tops of the egg cartons to brace the bottom of the box, encase the box is dropped. I have shipped too many places and shipped out hundreds of boxes of eggs; I rarely have eggs get broken, but when the box is smashed there is little I could do to have saved the eggs.  

Her next complaint, the eggs we mixed sizes, she felt they were too small.  She said they must be from bantam birds, which look nothing like the photos of my birds or from pullets.  Pullets are birds less than a year old and not running with a rooster.  This is not the case, and I tried very hard to explain that to her.  Our birds are less than three years old, to ensure good fertility rates and hatchability.  None is a year old; most are around a year, and a half and all of them are running with a rooster. 
Needless to say, the emails continued. This morning included, why I did not send extra eggs; my eggs are not the right size, her post office saying they were not responsible for the box that was insured, etc. and of course her leaving bad feedback.  This caused me to call eBay once again, go through the whole story again and to be transferred to a nice woman in the Philippines.  The Philippines is a commonwealth of America for those not aware.  America freed them from Spain and then took their freedom and made them a commonwealth, how very British of us, don’t you think? I apologize to my British friends; Eddie Izard made me do it, flag, and all!
 Back to what I was saying but the history lesson, the lady in the Philippians, was laughing as she read these emails, I think she felt a bit sorry that it had even gotten this far.  She could see that not only had I answered each email with great kindness but that I was being harassed unfairly but this woman over eggs.  Honestly it makes it hard to be a good farmer even a person under this sort of stress. 
On to other more pleasant farm matters, our dog that had been bitten by a snake has made a full recovery.  I think he has learned no to play with snakes, or at least I hope that he has.  His mate my dog may be bred, so we are happy with that news, so all is well with the dogs.
Our new kittens at the moment are safe from my dog, who in reality may have only the very best intentions of loving kindness, which I fear may cause the death of one or more of the little kittens.  I feed the kittens fresh goat’s milk twice a day as our poor Sammy cat seems to be having a hard time keeping up with the task of feeding so many mouths. She is a good sport I think rearing this little loves with my dog hanging about. 
The gardens are amazing, and I am planting more beans today.  I guess we will have fried cabbage with dinner tonight, and I may try and harvest the rest, since it will rain again later today.
I am hopeful for a pleasant day and maybe cheese or soap making if I can find the time.
Be Blessed dear ones…

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