Friday, June 20, 2014

Good evening from the mountain....and so sad...

Good evening from the Mountain…After the power outage yesterday I just needed some time offline.   I am still sick over North Arkansas Electric Cooperative killing my small tree and my purple cone flowers, not to mention the death of many lovely bees; but then leaving the big tree that took out the three phase and left us without power for hours.  So I wonder how that person was able to keep their tree.  I have to wonder in the back of my mind, since they had been told to stay off my property just a few months before and us having to call them to replace a power with a hole in it big enough to pass a large man’s hand though, how they forgot not to do it. 
The fact is stranger than fiction as they are now talking about families and farming, a smoke screen for the destruction to my farm and many others.  They knew it was an organic farm; they did not care, and Mel’s words echo through my head as clear as if he had just said them.  “I am sorry that we sprayed your little garden.”   This was followed by months of hell as they tried to get me to settle for a small amount of money that in no way could compensate me. They have poisoned the lawyers, who will not even return phone calls to us.  In reality all I wanted a way to one protect it from happing ever again and two, to protect others from the same fate, yes I would like to be compensated for my loss, I will never in good conscience be able to grow on that part of my land.
 Even after the three years have passed, and there might be a chance that I can get my status back as a self-certified Organic farm, that poison will remain in my soil forever.   It has broken my heart and killed my dreams; I have a hard time even leaving my house.   This had made me so fearful to leave that they will come back, as I was not here when it happened.  Michael was, and he did the best he could, not that he could have stopped them.  The deed had been done…Now I live every day with I fear, it is so horrible I wish I could just move to somewhere else where there are no people.
This is the life I lead and each day; I try to move past it, I try to look at my plants growing and be blessed in the fact that they did not do more damage.  I do not think I will ever get past this; I am not sure anyone could be that strong, I know I am not.
As I said yesterday about the raisin farmer, I have found you all a link to watch the video about it. I think you will all find it interesting.  I feel for him as well.  They have done worse to him than us; they photographs his family, threated him and forced him to capitulate to the ruling of an unfair act that takes more than half his crop, just because they, not the farmer want to set the price for his crops.  Much like us it is impossible to be heard, and few people care, but they should. When they are done with the farmers, they will attack other business and demand like compensation in the name of helping them, by robbing them of what the sweat of their brow has created.

These are very sad times; I honestly do not know what tomorrow holds, I just know that if people do not stand up for the farmers they will not have safe food to eat. 
As to my day, I spent it mostly in morning…for the loss of my land, to use it the way I see fit, without big business taking away my right to farm in clean soil.

Be Blessed

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