Saturday, June 28, 2014

Good Afternoon form the mountain and Garlic, little birds and bees...Armadillios

Good morning from the mountain, My Mom is in the hospital today and I would ask for your prayers, we do not know if she will need surgery or not, we are praying not of course.  This made us get up at an unholy hour before six had even come close to reaching its mark, but I needed to get as much done as I could just in case my mom needs me.  The hospital she is at is about two hours from my door. The hospitals here in Arkansas are very strange, they are very small, and each seems to only do a few things.  The one she is in is in Batesville, Arkansas, it is called White River Medical center it has a little two hundred and some beds.

The boys and I stated out this morning picking onions, garlic and some potatoes, and then replanting.  We also cut about a wheel barrel full of fresh weeds for the animals, before the humidity and rising temperature drove us back to the house.  Just check out these photos, garlic that dwarfs the onions, and so more potatoes that I missed the first round.  I like spring potatoes to be small and tender, but they will be alright.  Elijah was very proud of them, he must have spent ten minutes telling his dad how he helped to plant them and now they are all grown and sun burnt, which is green on a potato.   Then Elijah was startled by our little bird, Yellow.

Our sweet little garden bird is doing such a job of pest control for the bigger bugs and she is so delightful, she comes up the front porch and shows you what she has caught and if you place a bug up there she will come and take it. I am sure we would not being doing so well with the corn and pumpkins if it was not for her.  We also delighted in the squash bees buzzing about, what a treat we were given this morning.  From our front door we awake to look out at the sunflowers almost nine feet tall and pumpkin plants covered in blooms behind that and the corn which is so tall it looks as if it could reach the sky.  The ears are coming along so nicely and no bugs, thanks to our yellow warble. 

I wonder if this was how it was before we all messed things up, the birds and bees working with man to make a lovely garden, the worms in the soil, making the soil loose and easy for the roots to follow.  We welcome this beautiful orchestra of nature, providing only good.  Our garden provides us with food wholesome and safe to eat.  Our bird friend Yellow and her mate and their baby’s safe bugs to eat, that have no chemicals on them as well.  The squash bees, our bubble bees and the other four or five varieties of bees and of course our honey bees have a safe place to forage.  They have helped us to have a wonderful garden.

No bad for a one day harvest, so much more to pick and plant, it is an everyday event that brings us so much joy.   I can see clearly that Elijah at only eight years old has gained a ton of knowledge that he can repeat and teach to others.  I am very proud of him; he understood that root crops wild or domestic are important.  He started talking about curly dock while we were digging up the garlic and how he was going to make root beer with it and the sassafras.  I foresee a busy fall for us, I blame myself for explain to him where real soda comes from, and his desire to make it as well.  I have Barbara to thank for the gallon jars, gosh they are nice and I can see fermenting many pickles and kimchi in them.   
I was also gifted some old canning jars from my neighbors Bill and Pat, they are lovely people, and I was as grateful for the help as jars are very pricey.  A dozen new, can run anywhere from about nine dollars to well over twelve.  If the price were not bad enough they are very thin, and the shatter so easily.  You cannot use them for canning if you have ever used them for freezing.  The biggest problem I have had with the new jars is that the bottom of the jar breaks in the water bath canner.  I would complain about them being made in China, but they are not they are made her in the United States.  The quality is no longer there and it is truly a shame.
I was able to pick up some cloths for Michael that a different neighbor was parting with this aloud me a few minutes to wander off to a local yard sell, I saw nothing at the sale, save a few people I knew. But along the road I found some ripe black berries that I picked for the kids for a little lunch time treat.  I spent too much time in the heat and ended up taking a two hour nap after I prepared lunch for the little ones.  I also called and checked on my mom who is doing better.  She can now hold down water, we are hoping to only here good things.
One more thing I learned about today, Armadillos, care four identical babies, they carry their babies for eight to nine months and can even pause their pregnancy four up to four years in times of low food or drought. They can smell insects two inches under the ground.  I wish they would eat the grubs that become Japanese beetles instead of my eggs. They can contract leprosy just like a human and are used to learn more about the disorder.  I will try to remember this the next time we need to shot one for eating eggs.  At one time they had plenty of bugs to eat and they should have plenty here, but they are groomed from other places where the bugs are gone and the ground is sterile.  Yet another victim of the poisoning of the ground, they too must adapt to the changing world.
Be Blessed

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