Monday, June 16, 2014

Good morning from the mountian

Good morning from the Mountain, today is a hot one, already in the low 80’s here and very humid.  Even with that I was able to get the Yard long beans planted and the sweet potatoes below the tomatoes.  So that section is in, and more plants still need planted.  Our okra had flowers that had rotted on the steam, so I cut off the bad portions and maybe with more time and little more dry weather they will produce.  The first of the transplanted Artichokes seems to be doing well.  I lost of few of the plants before they even went into the ground do to the constant wet.  I lost all, but two of my Italian gourd plants, boy they do not like rain.  The tomatoes, potatoes, and onions seem to love the content wet, and I feel I will have lots to can this year.  I have already got everything to do my hot pepper Jelly so that need to be done, and I still need to make soap.  
On to other matters of the heart, have any of you, my dear friends lived in Alaska, I am looking into moving there in the future and want to learn more about it, from people who have lived there.  The Area I am looking at it is in the temperate zone in the southeast.  I love the thought of the moss filled forest.   I am weary of all the stress that comes from living the way we do.
 We have blown off moving to Oregon because they are metering wells, and I feel that is the start of foolishness that I do not want to be a part of such insanity.   I just want to live where I can be in control of my own life, where we can hunt and forage in peace, but mainly where I do not have to worry about people spraying my land with toxic crap, people trying to rob us, etc.  Life in Arkansas has become a consent crap shoot, each day more fearful than the last and well I grow weary of having to have people at my home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  I have no piece! The worst is that now a neighbor has cut down a bunch of their trees we, and we can now hear traffic up on the main road; I hate this most of all. 
I moved out here to the mountain for the quiet and to be away from people.  To live our lives on our terms, raising our own food, hunting, etc…but that seems impossible when you live in a community that is so beat down that they no longer stand up for themselves.  The result is that people like our power company, North Arkansas Electric cooperative, can do what they want to your land, and you have no recourse as no lawyer will talk to you out of fear of their retaliation.  There is also the fact that people here have no problem  robbing you or destroy your property, and you have no rights because they are wealthy. 
To farm the land its self is a struggle to do it with all this going on, is impossible.  I long for quiet and freedom.   In the meantime, I still have plenty do to here.  I need to get this place off grid and give more thought to Alaska.
Back to work for me…

Be Blessed


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