Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good evening from the Mountain

So much rain, not that I am complaining.  I am glad it is not the normal 100 degrees that it normally is here on the mountain this time of year.

So what did we do today, we planted more of course, but also started to harvest the cabbage, the first one weighs in at 5 pounds and two one gallon bags full of outer leaves.  I would have let it go longer but the caterpillars have found it.  Over the next few days I will harvest the rest.  I will make Kim Chi, Sour kraut, and canned Cole slaw, we will also have many meals of fried cabbage, some thing the children are very happy about.  I have about ten tomatoes that should be ready in a week or so...I can not wait.

The dog who was bite by the snake is all better and back to rough housing with the other dogs.  We have kittens, they had been in the space between the roof and the house; now they are in a large dog kennel. There are five total that we have found, each a different color, they are very cute.  The mommy is the cat we call Sammy, she is a great mom.  Unfortunately my dog, scrap wants the kittens, not sure why, but I am having none of her poor behavior.  She grabbed one of the kittens in fount of me yesterday, scared me half to death.  It may have been harmless, but I was not willing to bet the kittens life on it.  So they will be protected until they are old enough to find new homes.

Most of the day was spent dodging the rain and resting, I guess I over did it yesterday in the heat.  I really mist get the A.C. in the van charged, I also need to get the front end fixed, I am going to try for Tuesday so I can meet with a friend on the same day.  In lieu of getting new tires , for now I will have a set put on that I have here in reserve.  It is not the best thing to do, but I only have so much money to work with and the front end needs redone and it needs new breaks.  It is what it is and we will just work hard to make a little extra money.

I am getting ready to size down the animals again, I am going to get rid of the Blue Black Copper Marans, they are good birds, but I need to spend less money on feed.  With the unintended expense of having to feed the Muscovy ducks I have spent more then I should have.  I must also sell some of the pigeons; I need to get them scaled back to one pen.  It is hard, because we must eat them or sell them.  that said I still have chickens to do.  I also had not intended on raising 4-H chickens.  The cost of this too is very expensive and unexpected.

I am working on getting the cows butchered, which has been fought with problems.  I have no way at the moment to get them to the butcher together, and that is how they must go.  I can not handle her and I am sure that if we did the calf first she would take off again, if I did her first, I am not sure what he calf would do.  He has not been like our other young bulls, he is hard to deal with, very large and very dangerous. I am unhappy with him, but I know that he will make us good meat.  The meat will fill my large freezer and then I must empty the other two and ready for deer season. I would love to see an elk, I have heard one once out here, but have not seen one, but I think I need a different tag for that.  I am tempted to take a hunting trip out to Maine and get some fish and elk or moose to fill the other freezers.  I do not fancy canned meat, I like it smoked and made into jerky and in steak form.  I do not want to make trips to the grocery store this winter. That means that I my family are working hard to can everything we grow, put up our wheat, buck wheat and corn and really live closer to the land this winter.

People ask us if we like living this way, the answer is yes, only we wish we had the ability and fiances to be off grid.  We would be happy to shut out most of the outside world. We are not fanatics, we just like the quite and simple live that living on the mountain offers us.  I could not stand the loudness of the city anymore. When we wake up in the morning the birds are singing, the bees are gathering honey and the air is fresh and clean.  When we bed down at night, the songs of frogs, crickets, night hawks and other night life fills the air.  There are so many stars in the sky they look as if they have been painted there and when the house lights are off it is so dark, dark like you have never seen.  It is amazing and life changing.  I can go months with out hearing an ambulance or police siren.  Once in a great while I here them when I go to town, scares me every time...I do not worry for tomorrow, for I have lived well today.

I will leave you for now dear ones, may you be blessed!


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