Thursday, June 12, 2014

One hour of hard garden work...

The weather has not been as friendly as I would have liked, after just an hour of work in the gardens the sound of thunder can be heard in the distance.  It is hot, humid and altogether disagreeable, if not extremely unpleasant.  I was able to clear more of the edible weeds out for the livestock, and so far a wheel barrel and a half has made their transition into our animals.  I have cleared out some of the peas as well do to what I call rot.  Too much rain and not enough dry soil, but there are still some in dryer areas of the garden thriving and the ones that were not have been sorted out.  Pea plants are edible, so of the ones I pulled, I saved as much of the leaf matter for part of our dinner tonight.  I have harvested about five pounds of potatoes from the tiny trailer bathtub which housed them, peas, and a tremendous amount of radishes.  I tell you I am very happy with how much food this little area has provided us.  In a few minutes, I will replant potatoes and beans in that area.  This should provide a good crop for late July early August than I shall plant it for winter, beets, radishes and the like.
On a sadder note, I have lost the last of the Chinese cabbage to rot as well, I will need to harvest the regular cabbage now, ready or not, so that is a bit disappointing if not madding. The decay happens so fast there is no way to have kept up with it. In revolt, I shall plant tomatoes, peppers and carrots there as they will do fine with the extra moisture.   
The new planting of corn is coming along nicely, and new beans have broken the soil and should do well.  The first planting of corn is taller than I am which means they have made the 5’5 mark…  There for are they are very tall, or I am very short, but I can see the signs of corn forming, and I am excited. 
Still much to do so I will drop back in on you all later if weather permits….

Be Blessed


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