Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good morning from the mountain...

Good morning from the mountain, woke up with the sun crossing the mountain, through the midst, it was white sunrise…The weather  people say it may rain; we had almost a day of no rain, it was hot, bring back the rain. 
When I checked the garden today, peas still producing, but the heat will take care of that soon.   Our tomatoes on the vine; it is amazing, and I cannot wait to make tomato sauce out of them.  Peppers are coming along nicely, and I think the beans shall follow with the dryer weather.  I can say the rain has been good for the pumpkins and the corn.  The pumpkins are loaded in male flowers a sign that fruit is to follow; the flowers, by the way, are edible. I often dry them for use in soup, but they can be sautéed, or batter coated for frying as well. 
The corn is trying to send up tassels already.  I see about 2 to 4 ears on each stock, so that will be good.  It looks like the corn will be done far ahead of the pumpkins and trail of tears beans.  This is the green corn; the blue corn has not made this progress.  So I will double the corn from the North Eastern Tribal Association and report my findings that it is not suitable or sustainable for this area.  I do not think the blue corn liked the rain as well and with constant weather change I am guessing that where we live in Arkansas may soon return to swamp land. 
It is good to try more than one type of corn and put back the seeds for the future.   We will continue to volunteer to grow for the Tribal association as it is important to preserve the integrity of the corn, but we will sure not produce bumper crops of the blue corn of this line.  Most people would not understand how each kernel is the key to food security in this age of bio-engineered food.  This corn has been around for many hundreds of years and is in danger of not only extinction, but contamination from GMO corn.  I do not want to eat food with poison built in, and that has also been sprayed with chemicals that never leave the soil.  It is a sad fact of the world we live in, and while many countries have banned the use of GMO crops, American is not one of them. 
I have no idea why the country I live in feels the need to destroy ever last acre of land, but it seems like the main plain.  It is so bad here in America that China has decided not to buy apples from us.  Not that I blame them, our apples are sprayed with a radioactive fluoride cousin, so are many of our grapes and potatoes.  It is grim that this is what we do to our food in this country, but they will not listen to the small farms, we are like dust on a pair of spectacles, something to be wiped away, a filth in the eyes of those around us.  I am starting to feel as though I am a lowly creature just because I want to preserve the land and my farm and grow real food.
On television they show all these people growing fresh organic food, this is not the norm in America, just a form of warped propaganda to make us look like we are doing better than we are.  Believe it is not true.  Our waterways are polluted, our ground worse. The rules for organic are quite lax if you are a large company, in those people you put your trust to keep safe the food and seed.  Monsanto bought our many seed companies here in the United States, many organic and heirloom breeds, I quite frankly do not feel comfort in this.  Here are the people poisoning the land buying the rights up to the only safe seed we have.  It is thought that they will patent these other breeds and make it illegal to save your own seeds from year to year, like they have done with their GMO seeds. 
When comes to pass the world is doomed; this is not to stick a cord of drama, but one of facts.  You lives may depend on having seeds that have not been contaminated or owned by large corporations.   I think small farms need to consider getting patents on seeds of plants they have grown for many years and saving the seeds.  Just to avoid these future issues with Monsanto we must act now, yesterday was already too late.
In other news:  We managed to get our van fixed and at half the cost we had been quoted.  I wanted to jump for joy, so now my vans front end is as good as new, new breaks all the way around, and cold ac and a front end alignment, plus the replacement of the upper ball joint which my very kind mechanic said, had never been replaced.  However, I was not able to get the window fixed.  He was unable to fix that; I want to think it is just a wire lose some whereas it started out on only one side, with the switch seeming to malfunction, I could still shut it from the driver’s side of the vehicle, but now nothing.  So for the moment a big black trash bag sits on the door keeping rain and vermin from entering the van.  I am adding it to my, to do list, which is long and never ending.
Well, my dears I must go for now; I have to drive to the small town and get two sets of saw horses for my husband.

Be blessed

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